Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Work at home Wednesday and the end of the sickness!

Its been a whirlwind past few days! My hangover on Sunday gradually turned into the cold that Aaron has had for part of last week. Ugh. I feel like I have been getting everyone's colds over this fall! I should be more proactive in taking a multi-vitamin, I did have some, but they made me nauseous. I bought some chewable ones and they seem alright. I'll have to remember them on our trip. I also found a good flavor of Emergen-C, so I am pleased about that.

Just a cold, but I was pretty congested on Monday and not feeling great, so I worked at home. I also ran a bunch of errands related to our upcoming trip. Therefore, it made me feel much less stressed. I was feeling well enough to put in a full day of work yesterday, AND I found several problems with my PRISM data processing that is annoying. However, I need to make sure that my stuff is all good, so I need to re-run a bunch of statistics. While it is very annoying, I guess this is the best way. *shrug* It is stressful though...

I finally feel that I have recovered from the excesses of Thanksgiving by organizing our food over the past two days and making sure to eat only meals and one snack in between meals. I am still not stoked about being in a bathing suit over the next two weeks, but such is life. I have lost about 8 lbs in the past two months, so I am happy about that. There is still more to go, I have been reading quite a few "healthy living" blogs over the past few days, and it seems like the new Weight Watchers plan might be worth the few extra buck to kick my butt into gear :) Ah, I hate to say this, but it shall be a New Year's resolution! good stuff.

OK, so lots to do today! Thesis work, packing, cleaning and I feel good enough for a run today!!! Its raining today, but there should be several breaks in the rain, so that is promising for a run.

On that note, its time to get to work!!!


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