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Tired Tuesday.

Today was a productively, unproductive day!

First, I had an AWESOME run this morning!  All my mile splits were under 10min and I felt great.  The dogs were annoying, but as the run went on they get better as they get more tired.  I am planning on doing a 10k at some point in the near future, I think that that will be the perfect amount of training that I can handle right now.

After that, I drove down and picked up THE dress!  It fit like a glove, just needs a hem and bustle.  Pretty exciting!  Now, time to get on with the other stuff.  *sigh*

I did a bit of shopping afterwords, nothing too exciting.  A new lunch bag, and a bamboo sushi mat.  Good stuff!  I bought a sandwhich at Great Harvest and then wanted to go work at Starbucks for a few hours.  The first Starbucks I went to did not have a seating area!  Weird.  So, I drove closer to home and tried to plunk down at another one, but no such luck.  So, I sat outside, ate my sandwhich and headed home.

Then, I broke the TV.  Or Cable, or something.....I touched the thing and it broke!  irritating.

I did end up getting some work done and made sushi for dinner!  Tasty!  and filling.  I have enough for lunch tomorrow.  Sweet!

Enough with that, time to get my photo of the day uploaded and head downtown!


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365 Project - Day 20

Appointments in the Afternoon.

Well, it has been a busy afternoon that is not over yet!

It begun with a appointment to look at the hotel we are going to reserve a block of hotel rooms!  It is quite nice and I think will suit all of our needs.  This is an important wedding decision!  I am pleased to get that off my plate....

Then, dentist appointment!  It had been a couple of years, so thankfully no cavities.

Last appointment for today is a hair appointment at the Aveda Institute.  AA and I are both going, which I always find quite entertaining to see AA surrounded by a room full of women!  Likewise, he does not have much to talk about with the 18 year olds that cut his hair.  Anyway, its a cheap haircut that usually turns out OK!  I have not had a bad experience there yet.  *knock on wood*

Not sure if we will go out to dinner tonight or grab something at home...we shall see.  I am at Starbucks right now and Neil Diamond is playing!  That reminds me of my childhood.....Nice.  The Neil Diamond Christmas Album is excellent.

I did not run this morning, man was I feeling lazy!  Its been a good week so far though, biking and yoga on Monday, running on Tuesday, biking to work on Wednesday.....tomorrow will be a running day.  The dogs need to run just as much as I do!  Except for the latest development with Penney, she wants to chase people riding bikes, and it causes me great pain!  I just don't understand her sometimes.....she really is turning into a good dog though!  She and Paco provide us with an endless amount of entertainment.

On that note, time to get to the next appointment!  Stay tuned for the photo of the day...


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Three day weekend!

Woot woot!

A and I have had a nice weekend around Portland.  We ran some errands yesterday, as well as enjoyed some delicious breakfast at Muddy's Coffeehouse.  Today was more low-key, we went to church this morning and out to lunch.  This afternoon was spent doing some thesis work at home and a quick walk with the dogs.

Tomorrow will be full of running, laundry and general getting ready for the week!!!

We have more wedding stuff to take care of also!  Fun times.  Things are really coming together, I hope.

I got some new running shoes yesterday and am planning on doing a half-marathon on April 3rd.  I feel like I am running more consistently and since I am at the in-between time of thesis work/looking for a job, I really need this motivation.  I have also been eating pretty well this week, so that is going well.

My 365 project is also continuing!  sweet.  I am enjoying taking one picture everyday......I need to work on taking more throughout the day instead of leaving them all to the evening.

ANYWAY, that's it for now!  back to crappy cable TV.


365 Project - Day 16

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365 Project - Day 11

Yoga Challenge!

I signed up for this 21 Day Yoga Challenge and received the first video yesterday in my e-mail and what a good video it was!  I really need to do more yoga.....I could provide all the excuses in the world, but these videos might be just the ticket!
Penney and Paco were not helpful in my yoga practice today though.  Penney just didn't understand what I was doing :)

Time for a quick dinner!



Penney is CLEARLY excited :)  
If my computer is processing data, then I must be working, right?

I'll just keep telling myself that and see how long that works :)

I have been busy this past week!  I am keeping on top of my New Year's resolutions.  Most notably, the 365 Project is going well!!!  I have been eating well, I still need to go to yoga.  I have been recording our spending, and need to get all of A's bill input into the spreadsheet to give us a better picture.  In another attempt to keep track of every single thing that I do all day long, I registered with  Lets see how long I can keep track of my food intake!  ugh.  Sounds tedious.........  There was something else..... oh the wedding.

The wedding plans are heating up!  I am thinking about getting a day-of-coordinator to help out with stuff on the day itself.  I think that this person could be quite helpful!  I hope so.  I think it would totally be worth the few hundred dollars to keep things running smoothly.

Invitations and hotel reservations are next.  Ugh.

We are hoping to get some downhill skiing this upcoming weekend....but I think it might get warm....and that would be lame.  We'll have to see about that!  Skiing in the rain is no fun.

I am a bit scattered right now!  Too much excitement last night with the Ducks game!  We had a lot of people in our basement!  It was fun times, except for the outcome of the game.  We have lots of cleaning to do now down there!  We definitely need to get a couch down there.  On that note, back to work!


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365 Project - Day 9

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365 Project - Day 8

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365 Project - Day 7

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365 Project - Day 6

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365 Project - Day 5

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365 Project - Day 4

Terrific Tuesday

Greetings!  Today has been a long day, and its only 3:13....and I haven't gone to work today.  Wow.

I went on my normal running route with the Garmin this morning.   That went pretty well, I wasn't feeling exactly 100%, buttttttttttt looking at my stats was interesting.  I wonder if some of my variability in speed is from the dogs.  My heart rate was about right also, so that is good.  

I made a meal plan for the rest of the week and also went shopping at Costco.  Being on the road for a few weeks has made our kitchen/pantry quite empty!  Ah well, I got it all sorted now.  Our food for the rest of the week includes:
On that note, one of my new year's resolutions was to be more financially responsible......I downloaded a great Google Docs template that I have been recording our spending (yes, I know it has only been three days).  I need to figure out the template a bit more so that I can see areas where we can cut back etc.  I think that once we have a solid month's worth of information, we will be able to make some better financial decisions and decide how we want to combine our finances in the future.  

I bought a Groupon yesterday for a local gym, so that is two months for the price of one.  I need to go and check out their yoga classes!  They have a couple at 6:30 on weeknights and hopefully one on Tuesdays during the day that I can go to on "work at home Tuesdays".  

I am feeling the impending pressure of the wedding coming...I need to come up with a list of stuff that needs to be done and get on that.  *sigh*  

On that note, I'll be back later to post my 365 photo of the day!


Monday, January 3, 2011

365 Project - Day 3

A lesson in patience....

Eating lunch with chopsticks.

Rather than wolfing down my cart food for lunch, I opted for using chopsticks instead of a fork. It makes me eat much slower and I think that I enjoy the food more.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beginning of my 2011 365 Project

Here are the first three photos for my 365 Project.