Thursday, January 20, 2011

Appointments in the Afternoon.

Well, it has been a busy afternoon that is not over yet!

It begun with a appointment to look at the hotel we are going to reserve a block of hotel rooms!  It is quite nice and I think will suit all of our needs.  This is an important wedding decision!  I am pleased to get that off my plate....

Then, dentist appointment!  It had been a couple of years, so thankfully no cavities.

Last appointment for today is a hair appointment at the Aveda Institute.  AA and I are both going, which I always find quite entertaining to see AA surrounded by a room full of women!  Likewise, he does not have much to talk about with the 18 year olds that cut his hair.  Anyway, its a cheap haircut that usually turns out OK!  I have not had a bad experience there yet.  *knock on wood*

Not sure if we will go out to dinner tonight or grab something at home...we shall see.  I am at Starbucks right now and Neil Diamond is playing!  That reminds me of my childhood.....Nice.  The Neil Diamond Christmas Album is excellent.

I did not run this morning, man was I feeling lazy!  Its been a good week so far though, biking and yoga on Monday, running on Tuesday, biking to work on Wednesday.....tomorrow will be a running day.  The dogs need to run just as much as I do!  Except for the latest development with Penney, she wants to chase people riding bikes, and it causes me great pain!  I just don't understand her sometimes.....she really is turning into a good dog though!  She and Paco provide us with an endless amount of entertainment.

On that note, time to get to the next appointment!  Stay tuned for the photo of the day...


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