Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Penney is CLEARLY excited :)  
If my computer is processing data, then I must be working, right?

I'll just keep telling myself that and see how long that works :)

I have been busy this past week!  I am keeping on top of my New Year's resolutions.  Most notably, the 365 Project is going well!!!  I have been eating well, I still need to go to yoga.  I have been recording our spending, and need to get all of A's bill input into the spreadsheet to give us a better picture.  In another attempt to keep track of every single thing that I do all day long, I registered with fitday.com.  Lets see how long I can keep track of my food intake!  ugh.  Sounds tedious.........  There was something else..... oh the wedding.

The wedding plans are heating up!  I am thinking about getting a day-of-coordinator to help out with stuff on the day itself.  I think that this person could be quite helpful!  I hope so.  I think it would totally be worth the few hundred dollars to keep things running smoothly.

Invitations and hotel reservations are next.  Ugh.

We are hoping to get some downhill skiing this upcoming weekend....but I think it might get warm....and that would be lame.  We'll have to see about that!  Skiing in the rain is no fun.

I am a bit scattered right now!  Too much excitement last night with the Ducks game!  We had a lot of people in our basement!  It was fun times, except for the outcome of the game.  We have lots of cleaning to do now down there!  We definitely need to get a couch down there.  On that note, back to work!


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