Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tired Tuesday.

Today was a productively, unproductive day!

First, I had an AWESOME run this morning!  All my mile splits were under 10min and I felt great.  The dogs were annoying, but as the run went on they get better as they get more tired.  I am planning on doing a 10k at some point in the near future, I think that that will be the perfect amount of training that I can handle right now.

After that, I drove down and picked up THE dress!  It fit like a glove, just needs a hem and bustle.  Pretty exciting!  Now, time to get on with the other stuff.  *sigh*

I did a bit of shopping afterwords, nothing too exciting.  A new lunch bag, and a bamboo sushi mat.  Good stuff!  I bought a sandwhich at Great Harvest and then wanted to go work at Starbucks for a few hours.  The first Starbucks I went to did not have a seating area!  Weird.  So, I drove closer to home and tried to plunk down at another one, but no such luck.  So, I sat outside, ate my sandwhich and headed home.

Then, I broke the TV.  Or Cable, or something.....I touched the thing and it broke!  irritating.

I did end up getting some work done and made sushi for dinner!  Tasty!  and filling.  I have enough for lunch tomorrow.  Sweet!

Enough with that, time to get my photo of the day uploaded and head downtown!


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