Sunday, January 16, 2011

Three day weekend!

Woot woot!

A and I have had a nice weekend around Portland.  We ran some errands yesterday, as well as enjoyed some delicious breakfast at Muddy's Coffeehouse.  Today was more low-key, we went to church this morning and out to lunch.  This afternoon was spent doing some thesis work at home and a quick walk with the dogs.

Tomorrow will be full of running, laundry and general getting ready for the week!!!

We have more wedding stuff to take care of also!  Fun times.  Things are really coming together, I hope.

I got some new running shoes yesterday and am planning on doing a half-marathon on April 3rd.  I feel like I am running more consistently and since I am at the in-between time of thesis work/looking for a job, I really need this motivation.  I have also been eating pretty well this week, so that is going well.

My 365 project is also continuing!  sweet.  I am enjoying taking one picture everyday......I need to work on taking more throughout the day instead of leaving them all to the evening.

ANYWAY, that's it for now!  back to crappy cable TV.


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