Friday, October 22, 2010

Mumford Friday!!!

Tonight we are going to see Mumford & Sons!!!  I am super excited, it should be a good show!

Yesterday was a busy day at work followed by watching the Ducks game.  Luckily the ducks won!  This always means that A is happy, which makes me happy.  We a fun night out and discovered a new hipster hang-out near our house, which is pretty sweet.  Unfortunately, its been a sluggish morning following the fun last night :(

Yesterday was an eventful day for another reason...cockroaches!!!  There were two outside our office in the hallway!  Yuck.  Luckily they did not come inside the office, and now they are gone.

I spoke with another wedding caterer times.  I need to calm down and not get super exasperated when talking to people!!!  It seems like people ask a lot of questions and I'm just not sure of the answers, and why do they expect that I would know that in the first place?  Jeepers.

*sigh*  I just need to breathe and not worry about stuff.

I have a lot of work to do this afternoon and it seems like lots of things to do this weekend!  Concert movie tomorrow night.....and lots of cleaning in between :)

Time for pizza!


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