Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday and nothing seems to be working...

Isn't that the truth.  My model is not working, which is upsetting and frustrating because what I am trying to do is very simple.  But, alas. Such is life in an ArcGIS world :)

In other good news, I forced myself out of bed this morning to go running!  The darkness in the morning is getting more and more noticeable.  It felt good to run, even though the puppy was chasing every singe cat she smelled.

I bought the WiiFit board over the weekend as an attempt to do more yoga without tying myself to a class or a gym.  So far I've been doing pretty good!  I saved a routine with poses that I like, and that seems to be working well.  Its also nice that it keeps track of weight and all that good stuff, even though I have terrible hand/eye coordination and the 'skills' always make me much older than I should be!!!

The picture on the right has nothing to do with anything, but it makes me laugh.  That toy was $15 well spent :)

Onwards to finishing out the work day and a tasty stir-fry for dinner tonight!


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