Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekly Mealplan

Firstly, Mumford & Sons put on a great concert last night!  We had a great time.  They played a few new songs also, and they were equally great.

After A and I slept in this morning, I really wanted to try and be organized with our food stuffs this month.  Especially since we are at the last week of our monthly food budget!!!  So, between today and next Friday I have six meals planned....Curry Squash Soup, Cauliflower Cake, Gnocchi + Cheese, Thai green curry with shrimp, curried ground turkey and potatoes and black bean and chorizo tacos.  I have made some of these before and plan on making the gnocchi and tortillas tomorrow to be ready for the week.
I wish that I could be this organized every week!  sadly it doesn't always happen.  I think that my crazy spreadsheet helped me pick a few recipes out.  I was pleased about that.

That's about the excitement around here!  Penney and I went for a nice run this afternoon before the storm came through!  I made the squash soup and some naan bread.  We headed out to see the new TGR ski movie called "Light the Wick!"  Ski movies are a nice once a year tradition.  I'm pretty psyched for the ski season this year, especially since they are calling for a rough winter here.

Time for bed and onwards to another productive day!


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