Monday, October 25, 2010

Someone has a case of the Mondays.....

Ah, yes.  It is a Monday around here.....

It all started with terrible wedding dreams last night.  It started with me forgetting to make a hair appointment.  Then, it rained and we had to move chairs around, and also A was taking a nap and I had to wake him up to go get married.  This was all quite stressful!!!  Not a good way to wake up!!!

Then, I get into the office and I notice that a few things are out of place.....then I realized that my bike and my co-worker's computer was gone!  We recovered my bike and discovered that they stole a pair of headphones, my mittens and a tin of mints.

We have had an extremely unproductive day in the office!
Ah well.  Tomorrow will be better.

It is fortunate that we got the bike, because that is how I am getting home today!  However, my hands will be cold :(

In other much better news, there is snow in the mountains!!!  This means we could be skiing in a few weekends.  This is excellent!

Time to finish out the day and then its time for a chilly bike ride home, followed by indian food!


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