Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Frigid Tuesday!

Greetings from a frosty Portland!  We got a little bit of snow last night and now it is freezing cold!  Not too cold, but definitely cold enough.  Tonight its supposed to get down into the teens, but back to 30s/40s and raining by this weekend!  Fun times.

I am working at home again today (awesome!).  I am being much more productive than yesterday, at least with the thesis stuff.  I still have lots of cleaning to do!  The fun really begins tomorrow though.  I got my stand mixer in the mail yesterday, so I am all ready to go!  Tomorrow I need to make pies, stuffing, gravy, and breakfast....there was something else......ah yes, rolls.

I'm pretty excited all around.  Now, if only the house could clean itself....that would be awesome.  A few things on our agenda for the weekend include Football, and the Clear Creek Distillery.  Hopefully we will get in some XC skiing also!  and then there's that whole eating thing...awesome.

All this talk about Thanksgiving is making me hungry!  I think its time for an early lunch.


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