Monday, November 22, 2010


A and I had a really nice weekend!  We did some XC skiing on Saturday with the dogs near Mount Saint Helens.  We skiied on the Kalama XC trail for a few hours until the snow got too sticky up high, then it was time to go back down.  There was only a few other people out and about, so we had to break trail pretty much the entire way.  It was a great workout, and tired out the dogs!  They were pooped.  

After all that skiing, I made some chana saag and naan for dinner.  I was skeptical about making saag at home since I enjoy it so much when we eat out, but it turned out delicious!  There was lots left to freeze, so it will make a nice dinner in the future. 

Since the weather is supposed to turn to crap later on this afternoon, rather than deal with Portland's commute with the addition of snow, I am working at home today.  I just got back from my Thanksgiving grocery shopping!  Thank goodness that is over.  I was happy to get it out of the way before it goes really crazy at Fred Meyer!  I hope that the turkey thaws in time to brine the sucker........fingers crossed.

Our house will be invaded by 5 additional people and 2 dogs this should be a good time!!!  Nothing on the agenda besides eating, football, Clear Creek distillery and potentially some XC skiing!  Sounds like a great weekend.

In other news, our wedding stuff is really taking shape.  Paying lots o' money to secure the caterer and photographer.  After the new year, we will probably have to start making the invitations and other stuff.  I really don't want to think about it until after Belize!  

My new stand mixer just arrived!  woot woot!  Thanks Oma for the early Christmas present.  

Time to get motivated to run in the rain and get back to work.


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