Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sneezing Saturday

Good Morning!  The sneezing is from all the cleaning that we have done this morning.  Nothing like having a group of people over to watch the Ducks game to motivate us to clean!  It also provides us with a clear deadline (12:30).  Excellent.

Last night we went out to our new favorite bar, Saratoga.  I should mention that this place is only two blocks from our house!  I ordered some soup, but it was wayyyyyyyyy too spicy.  So, I ended up getting a portobello burger instead.  It was really good, especially now that Jubleale is on tap around town.

After that, we headed out to Mississippi to hang out with friends and eventually made our way to see "Due Date" in St. Johns.  This movie is hilarious!  It was painfully awkward at times, but I think that is the point.  Zach Galifinacus (?) is really hilarious!!!  His awkward humor is really funny to A and I.

I think that's it from around here, the rain is coming back tonight and it is going to get dramatically colder this week.  But, my mom is coming to town on Thursday to go wedding dress shopping!  yay.

Onwards to finish cleaning and go for a run!


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