Monday, November 29, 2010

Recovery Monday!

I really have a case of the Mondays today!  I woke up with a runny nose and not ready to get out of bed!  Then, I forgot to put the coffee pot underneath the filter, and consequently spilt burning hot coffee everywhere!!!  A was not very happy :(

I think it should be a quiet day around the office today...which is good.  I've got a lot that I should finish before heading out to Belize!  I also need to get Christmas presents and send those to my family.  I know what I'm going to get, so that is no problem!!!  I also have to finish one job times.

Enough of that boring stuff, I had a great weekend!  It was awesome to have so many people at our house, and Thanksgiving dinner was a great success.  The turkey took about an hour longer than it should have, but it was pretty juicy and everything else that I made tasted delicious.  We are moving our way through the leftovers, but we made a pretty good dent in them over the weekend.  On Thursday night we watched two Facebook related movies.  The first was Catfish, which is excellent!  That's about all I can say about the movie, except just to go see it and then talk about it :)  The second was "The Social Network."  A and I had watched it a few weeks ago, but it was good the second time around also!

Friday was a world-wind day at Clear Creek, then home to watch two football games!  The Ducks won!  and then we watched the first have of the Boise-Nevada game, when it appeared that Nevada was down we went out to Saraveza and asked to put the game on, thank goodness we did that!  What an ending!  Especially when your guests are from Nevada :)  This began a long night out and about....

Saturday consisted of waffles and OMSI, then out to the Portland City Grill and finally dinner at the Fish and Chip shop on N Killingsworth.  We ended the night at the Alibi and countless YouTube videos at home on the projector.

I'm getting more exhausted just writing all this out!!!  Yesterday was pretty chill and A and I had a nice quiet evening.  We discovered the HD channels on our new TV, and that is pretty awesome!  I think we might need a new DVD player now......we shall see.

I did not take very many pictures this weekend, I should have taken a few more :(  I am saving up for travelling!!!!!!!!  I can't wait!  There is going to be lots of time for reading on the beach and it will be awesome to be in some hot weather again.  I have missed the beach!!

On that note, I should get back to work!

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